About Me

Lastminutethrowon is all about the last inspirational thing you do before you head off to somewhere. The last kind of lipstick you put on, the last conversation you had with your best friend, the last bite of an amazing dish you cooked, or the outfit you chose for your first date. It’s all about what you did on the verge of an amazing adventure. Lastminutethrowon is my creative outlet and the place I go to when I have discovered something worth sharing. It’s also a handy tool to update my family in France about my life and a sneaky way of letting my boyfriends know about my likes and dislikes. The key word in this universum is vintage. I strongly believe that everybody has to participate in creating a healthier, more caring and ecological world. Therefor I try to promote goods that fits that box as much as possible.*
*Without being a crazy obsessed freak about it.


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