May 31, 2015
by maureen

Weather for chasing pirates

End of may and the weather is kind of terrible in Belgium. SO, I’m posting these gorgeous bohemian, pirate style fashion pics to cheer myself up a bit. Hope you like them aswell.

pir 3
pir 6

Pir 8

pirate insp

pirates 2

And remember:
Will Turner: This is either madness… or brilliance.

Jack Sparrow: It’s remarkable how often those two traits coincide.


Jack Sparrow: Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.


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May 4, 2015
by maureen

Anything, anything

I discovered this gorgeous song by punk band DRAMARAMA when watching the romantic comedy ” Two night stand” featuring Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton. Megan (Analeigh) and Alec ( Miles) meet online and decide to hook up for a one night stand. A blizzard hits New York and forces the two to deal with eachother for 48 hours. The predictable happens, after Alec sees Analeigh dancing to “Anything, anything” by Dramarama. Yes, I do believe that particular moment is his turning point 😉


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April 22, 2015
by maureen

Bohemian like a Jagger

This is why Jade Jagger is the ultimate”  je ne sais quoi “bohemian style icon.




Jade jagger 3

jade vier



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March 19, 2015
by maureen


Yesterday I saw this movie “Manhatten”, by Woody Allen.
Do you know it?
Yeah, I’ve seen it.
Well there’s this scene , at the end, where he sums up…
Dude. I told you I ‘ve seen it.

Let me finish.
So he sums up all the things that to him are worth living for.
Like the Groucho brothers, and the apples and pears from Cézanne. And then in the end he realizes the thing he values the most is the face of this girl…
Tracy’s face.
Don’t spoil my story. Yes Tracy.
So I’m thinking. That Tracy must have blown him a lot. If he keeps seeing her face and shit.
You’re right.
You do add some new meaningful insights to that movie.
For real?
Let’s get a burger.

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